Household Equipment Grants

BBC Children In Need Emergency Essentials Program

Provides essential items for families in need

The BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme supports children and young people who are facing exceptionally difficult circumstances, and is delivered by Family Fund Business Services. The programme provides items that meet a child’s most basic needs such as a bed to sleep in, a cooker to provide a hot meal and other items or services critical to a child’s wellbeing.

They can provide of fund critical items such as:



Kitchen equipment and small appliances.

Children’s beds and bedding (including cots).

Washing machines and tumble dryers.

Fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers.

Baby equipment.


Buttle UK - Chances For Children

Support grants

"What we do is very simple: pay for things that we would want all children and young people to have but their parent or carers cannot otherwise afford."

They provide support designed to improve emotional, educational and social outcomes through our Chances for Children grants and, for some children whose home environment is disruptive and chaotic, grants which allow them to go to boarding school.

They can offer grants upto £2000 and items they can fund include:

- Items and activities to support learning and development such as laptops, books, 12 months of broadband, educational toys, tuition, etc.

- Clothing and school uniforms

- Social, sporting and leisure activities

- Family activities

- Items for children/young people’s bedrooms

- Other household items that are not available from sources such as Emergency Essentials or Local Authority welfare schemes, etc.

Cash For Kids

Grants for young people living with a disability or illness

Cash For Kids grant rounds support children from birth up to and including 18 years of age who are vulnerable, come from disadvantaged backgrounds or are living with an illness or disability. The value of a grant is typically from £1,000 to £3,000 but they will happily consider applications for larger amounts.

Different areas have different eligibility criteria and grants are dependant on the donations they receive, so the application forms may not always be active for every area.


Discounted plumbing and heating services for those with disabilities

Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair (DEPHER) provides vulnerable people with access to affordable and vital emergency works. It relies on public donations to cover all labour and materials, provides free services during winter months and discounted during summer.

When funding is available they are able to offer partial or fully discounted costs on emergency works which include the following: Gas leaks, No heating, No hot water

Disabled Facilities Grant

Grant to make adapations to your home to cater for disabilities

If you or your child are disabled and need to make changes to your home you can apply to your council for a disabled facilities grant of upto £30,000. These could be for things such as widening doors or installing ramps, stairlifts, downstairs bathrooms or adapting heating and lighting controls to make them easier to use etc.

If you receive a disabled facilities grant it won't affect any benefits you're on.


Grants for specialist equipment for for disabled young people

ELIFAR is a small charity which aims to help improve the care, facilities and equipment available to profoundly disabled children and young adults both at home or in residential care. They provide grants to fund the purchase of a wide range of highly specialised equipment, which would otherwise be unavailable because of a lack of funds or because there is no statutory provision, for children and young people up to the age of 28.

Family Fund

Support for low income families raising disabled or seriously ill children

Is a charity that aims to improve the lives of low-income families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. They offer grants for short breaks, essential items and services (eg washing machines, toys, furniture, tablets / computers, bedding, clothing etc) and their website also has a series of guides on various types of support that is available.

To be able to apply for a grant you must meet certain criteria, which are basically that your child must have a high level of additional support needs arising from a long term disabling condition or a serious or life limiting illness and you must be in receipt of a means tested benefit (eg Universal Credit).

Glasspool Charity Trust

Small grants for everyday items

Is a UK wide charity that provides timely, small, one-off grants to individuals, couples and families for everyday items to help them cope when things get tough, equip them to manage better day-to-day and enable them to build a stronger future. Please note they only accept applications from support agencies on behalf of the people they support, not from individuals themselves.

Independence At Home

Grants to help improve independence for those with physical or learning disabilities

Independence At Home is a charity founded in 1965, it provides grants to people of all ages who have a physical or learning disability or long term illness and who are in financial need. They may be able to help you if you, or a member of your family, have a long term illness or disability and need financial help towards the cost to improve your independence, comfort, safety and quality of life at home.

Linking Help With Hope

Grants for those on very low income who have / care for someone with a physical or learning disability

Linking Help With Hope helps those who are living on a very low income, receiving the appropriate welfare benefits and who have exhausted all other funding sources including statutory funding, occupational, local and specialist charities. They help those with physical and diagnosed mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and people caring for an adult or child with a disability.

LHH provides grants of up to £250. These are generally awarded for or towards essential household items and specialist equipment not available from statutory agencies.

LHH also provide ongoing financial assistance. LHH currently supports around 70 ill and less able people with regular financial help.

Depending on available funds, LHH can also make one-off payments for carer’s breaks.

National Benevolent Charity

Charity that provides financial support for those experiencing poverty at a time of crisis

The National Benevolent Charity provides financial support to people experiencing poverty at a time of crisis.

Their average grant is £360 and they will consider applications from those who have a physical or mental health condition or disability or who have young children or are caring for a relative (amongst other criteria).

Newlife Charity

UK's largest charitable provider of specialist equipment to disabled children

Primarily offer non-means tested equipment grants or loans. They are the UK's largest charitable provider of specialist equipment to disabled children. They have a national helpline that provides information and support to families and professionals who are caring for terminally ill or disabled children. As well as offering access to larger equipment, they can also provide free 12 week loans of play therapy pods. Each pod contains a range of toys specifically tailored a certain age group and certain needs.

Percy Bilton Charity

Grants for basic household items for hose in financial need who have a disability

The Percy Bilton Charity provides grants to individuals in financial need who have a disability or severe mental health problem for basic household items including white goods, single beds, flooring and clothing vouchers.

Please note they don't accept applications directly from individuals, but Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Occupational Therapists within Local Authorities or NHS Trusts can make applications on behalf of their patients.

Steve Morgan Foundation

Fund specialist equipment for those who need it and are in financial hardship

The Steve Morgan Foundation is a charity that provides support for people of all ages in financial hardship, who are in need of specialised equipment. They fund specialist equipment:

-Mobility aids, wheelchairs, buggies, hoists, trikes, etc.

-Specialised beds and sleep systems, postural chairs, seating and car seats

-Sensory equipment

-Communication aids, specialised software, specialised alarms

-Medical equipment, support wear

Sullivan's Heroes

Charity that helps with home adaptions for disabled children

Sullivan’s Heroes is a charity that provides help with home adaptations for disabled children. It does this by assisting with Fundraising and supplying financial grants towards the costs.

Talisman Charitable Trust

Grants for deserving individuals who are struggling financially

Assist individuals in the UK of small means who the trustees consider to be deserving and may be described as “going short”. From time to time, we also assist other charities with similar objectives to our own.

In general, the relief of poverty includes grants for education, health, housing, disablement or disability.

Please note they do not accept applications for grants directly from individuals, they must be made through an organisation such as a Citizens Advice Bureau or another charity that is aware of their circumstances.


Help those in financial need access benefits and grants

Turn2us is a national charity providing practical help to people who are struggling financially.

They help people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through their partner organisations.

On their website they have a Grants search section that allows you to search for grants that may be available to you from both local and national organisations:

Victoria Convalescent Trust

Provide grants for breaks for those in need of convalescence or respite and also specialist equipment

The Victoria Convalescent Trust's main purpose is to make grants to fund or part-fund short breaks for those of any age, living in England and Wales who are in need of convalescence, recuperative care or respite care.

They also have a much smaller fund for the purpose of making grants for essential equipment such as white goods, essential household items, contributions towards mobility aids and other specialist equipment.