This is a listing of grants that are available nationally to help SEND children and their families / carers. Some grants are only available to children with specific conditions and many of them are means tested to ensure that they are given to those most in need. Click on one of the categories below to display only results from that category. Click on the appropriate name to display more information about it.

If you're thinking about trying to get a grant, a good place to start for most is the Family Fund which is listed first.

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Specialist Equipment Grants Sporting Grants

Family Fund

Support for low income families raising disabled or seriously ill children

Is a charity that aims to improve the lives of low-income families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. They offer grants for short breaks, essential items and services (eg washing machines, toys, furniture, tablets / computers, bedding, clothing etc) and their website also has a series of guides on various types of support that is available.

To be able to apply for a grant you must meet certain criteria, which are basically that your child must have a high level of additional support needs arising from a long term disabling condition or a serious or life limiting illness and you must be in receipt of a means tested benefit (eg Universal Credit).

Able Kidz

Grants for specialist equipment and communication equipment

"Able Kidz works to make a disabled child’s educational journey a fulfilling and positive experience. They do this by provision of specialist equipment, computers and software to the children or school and also assist in funding extra tuition needs of a child.

We aim to make a variety of learning aids accessible to children with disabilities all over the UK, both on an individual basis and for use in schools and playgroups etc."

AFK Charity

Specialist mobility equipment suppliers

Celebrating their 30th birthday in 2022, AFK supply specialist mobility equipment that isn't available on the NHS for children and young people up to their 25 birthday. Equipment they can supply includes wheelchairs, buggies, walkers, mobile hoists, power packs (to add power to a manual wheelchair), car seats and harnesses etc. They can also offer help and support with life and work skills.

Alex TLC

Leukodystrophy support charity, support grants

Alex TLC support services have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you through all aspects of living with a leukodystrophy whether you are newly diagnosed or were diagnosed a while ago. They are here to support you, your family and friends, through practical and emotional support as well as accurate medically checked information relating to the many types of leukodystrophy.

They provide means tested grants to help access care, equipment or therapy not available through statutory services, including support during Bone Marrow Transplant or Gene Therapy.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Grant providing charitable trust

The charity’s ongoing focus is to relieve the needs of children (under 18 year olds) by reason of finance, illness, or other disadvantage, by the provision of grants to improve their conditions of life.

The Charity is particularly interested in applications for grants that will provide children with enjoyment, not just the basic essentials of daily life, though these may also be funded where deemed appropriate.


Ataxia support charity

Ataxia provides information and support for people living with Ataxia (an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination and speech).

There are also a number of grants available that are listed on their website

AT Society

Ataxia-telangiectasia support charity, grants

The A-T Society supports supports people living with the disabling and life-limiting condition ataxia-telangiectasia and funds research to find a cure. Their website has a wide range of support and resources available on it.

The A-T Society can offer financial help to people with A-T through their Support Grants System. Here are some examples of the things we can help with, however there may be other items or areas where we can help. Please note that the equipment or service has to be for the benefit of the person who has A-T.

IT Equipment


Bathroom Equipment

Specialist Furniture



Respite Care



Motability Car (deposit)

Transport Costs


Therapy equipment



Free holiday camps for children living with a serious illness and their families

Offers free, specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness – supported behind the scenes by 24 hour on site medical and nursing care. Based in County Kildare, Ireland, transport to the camps is also free.

BBC Children In Need Emergency Essentials Program

Provides essential items for families in need

The BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme supports children and young people who are facing exceptionally difficult circumstances, and is delivered by Family Fund Business Services. The programme provides items that meet a child’s most basic needs such as a bed to sleep in, a cooker to provide a hot meal and other items or services critical to a child’s wellbeing.

They can provide of fund critical items such as:



Kitchen equipment and small appliances.

Children’s beds and bedding (including cots).

Washing machines and tumble dryers.

Fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers.

Baby equipment.


Birkdale Trust

Provides grants for hearing impaired young people

Birkdale Trust For The Hearing Impaired makes grants to young people up to an age in their mid-twenties who are resident in the UK. This funding provides support in a variety of ways and to organisations linked to deaf young people.

Boparan Charitable Trust

Fund specialist equipment not available on the NHS and treatments such as speech and language / behavioural therapy

The Boparan Charitable Trust is a charity created with the sole aim of improving young peoples’ lives. They provide funding to children with disabilities, life-limiting illnesses and those who are in extreme poverty across the UK. Their grants can fund specialist equipment such as wheelchairs, trikes, sensory toys not available on the NHS, and treatments such as a Speech & Language Therapy and Behavioural Therapy.

British Wireless For The Blind Fund

Provides grants for the hearing impaired

Launched in 1928 they have been providing radios to visually impaired people for over 90 years. They are able to supply a loan of one their specialist radios for free to those who meet their criteria.

They also have a shop where their specialist radios are available to purchase. They've also developed their own specialist apps for smart devices.

Brittle Bone Society

Brittle bone support charity

The Brittle Bone Society is the sole organisation set up to address the needs of people born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). The charity supports people in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Their website provides a wide range of resources and information.

They also provide grants to pay towards wheelchairs, specialised equipment, holidays and respite care.

Bruce Wake Charitable Trust

Sporting / leisure grants for wheelchair users

Provides grants for sporting or leisure activities for physically disabled wheelchair users.

Buttercup Children's Trust

Support charity for seriously ill children and their families

Buttercup Children’s Trust helps seriously ill children and their families to overcome the pressures of dealing with disabilities and life hindering illnesses.

They can provide assistance with such things as vital medical equipment, vital sensory equipment in addition to travel costs and respite to name a few.

They also provide support and advice.

Buttle UK - Chances For Children

Support grants

"What we do is very simple: pay for things that we would want all children and young people to have but their parent or carers cannot otherwise afford."

They provide support designed to improve emotional, educational and social outcomes through our Chances for Children grants and, for some children whose home environment is disruptive and chaotic, grants which allow them to go to boarding school.

They can offer grants upto £2000 and items they can fund include:

- Items and activities to support learning and development such as laptops, books, 12 months of broadband, educational toys, tuition, etc.

- Clothing and school uniforms

- Social, sporting and leisure activities

- Family activities

- Items for children/young people’s bedrooms

- Other household items that are not available from sources such as Emergency Essentials or Local Authority welfare schemes, etc.


Free short breaks for full time carers

Carefree is a charity that provides free short breaks to full time carers (30+ hours a week, aged 18+) by using 1 or 2 night stays that are donated by their hospitality partners (they're working on making longer breaks available).

There is no charge for the accommodation, but you are responsible for all other costs (transport, food, travel insurance etc.) and there’s a £25 admin fee to help with the cost of operating the charity. You must be able to arrange for interim care for while you are away.

Carers Trust

Carers support charity

Carers Trust is a major charity for, with and about carers. They work to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.

They have a national network of local support partners which you can search on their website to find appropriate support in your area.

If you are a carer you may be able to receive a Carers Fund grant as part of a package of support from your local Carers Trust Network Partner.

Caring Cancer Trust

Support for young people suffering / recovering from cancer

The Caring Cancer Trust provide special Youth2Go Healing Holidays of Adventure and Create2Go Art and Music workshops for Children recovering from Cancer, enabling them to regain their self-confidence and re-ignite their passion for life after the trauma of their illness and lengthy treatment.

They also provide in-patient support at hospital paediatric oncology units in southern England, providing comforts and amenities for children suffering from Cancer, and support for their caring parents and siblings.

Carter Trust

Grants for disabled people in financial need

Founded in 1993, The Andrew and Catherine Carter Trust is a UK based charity which provides grants for special equipment or adaptation of housing or transport to meet the needs of disabled people who are in financial need.

Cash For Kids

Grants for young people living with a disability or illness

Cash For Kids grant rounds support children from birth up to and including 18 years of age who are vulnerable, come from disadvantaged backgrounds or are living with an illness or disability. The value of a grant is typically from £1,000 to £3,000 but they will happily consider applications for larger amounts.

Different areas have different eligibility criteria and grants are dependant on the donations they receive, so the application forms may not always be active for every area.

Caudwell Children's Charity

Grants and support for disabled and autistic children

Is a national charity based in Staffordshire “at our state of the art facilities which are dedicated to improving the lives of disabled and autistic children”. They offer Autism Assessments, Occupational Therapy, Equipment, Sensory Packs and various other forms of support. For families with a household income of under £45,000 they can fund up to 80% of the costs for the assistance they provide.

They also provide funding towards life-changing equipment for children with a wide range of disabilities or chronic conditions. They can provide upto 80% of the cost of therapy tricycles, sensory equipment, sports equipment, car sears, car harnesses, buggies and powered wheelchairs.

Cheyne Charity

Specialist equipment grants for young people with Cerebral Palsy

Cheyne Charity is dedicated to helping children and young people with Cerebral Palsy. They offer grants for specialist equipment.

Child Brain Injury Trust

Charity offering support to children living with an acquired brain injury

The Child Brain Injury Trust is a charity that offers support (including legal) and advice to children living with an acquired brain injury, as well as supporting their carers and siblings.

They also operate a small grants program that awards up to £125 towards a social activity for siblings and children with a ABI.

Children's Heart Foundation

Support charity for children with heart defects

The Children’s Heart Federation helps children with heart defects and their families by:

Providing direct support

- Information and advice through our information sheets and information line 0300 561 0065

- Resources for children with heart conditions such as Molly’s Dollies a rag doll with surgical scars and Rosie goes red, Violet goes blue a story book to help small children and their siblings understand heart conditions

- Providing medical equipment for children with heart conditions such as INR machines

- The Heart2Heart newsletter containing information and news for the cardiac community

- Pulse Parents – a private Facebook forum where parents can discuss topics relating to children with heart conditions

- Coffee and questions – online events on a variety of subjects relevant to families with children with heart conditions, each event has a speaker and the opportunity to ask questions from the audience

Children Today

Specialist equipment for young people with disabilities

Founded in 1994, Children Today was created to help children and young people with disabilities up to the age of 25 across the UK by providing specialised equipment to help offer an improved quality of life.


Specialised powered wheelchair grants

CHIPS was founded on behalf of the UK Gaming industry, in order to raise funds to purchase specialised powered wheelchairs for youngsters with varying disabilities.

They provide wheelchairs for children who would otherwise have no way of getting around on their own. CHIPS funds the wheelchairs that the NHS cannot or will not provide and that the parents cannot afford to buy.

Communication Matters

Charity for those who find it difficult to communicate

Communication Matters is a UK-wide charity that supports people of all ages who find it difficult to communicate because they have little or no clear speech. Their website has a wide range of information on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and they provide some small grants of upto £200 towards communication equipment.

Cracker Jacks Children's Trust

Grants for specialist equipment, sensory toys and respite breaks

Offer grants of upto £700 (although their website lists numerous grants that have been made for considerably more than this) for specialist equipment/sensory toys and also for respite breaks.

CS Disabled Holidays

Financial help for holidays for people with severe physical disabilities

CS Disabled Holidays provide financial help for holidays for people living with severe physical disability due to neurological or neuromuscular disorders.

CS Disabled Holidays are willing to fund up to 50% of the costs (to an absolute limit of £2,000) of a holiday of one or two weeks per year. It is anticipated that applicants will have also sought assistance from relevant statutory sources and disease-specific charities for the balance.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Charity supporting those living with Cystic Fibrosis

The Cystic Fibrosis trust supports people living with Cystic Fibrosis. Their website provides information about the condition and information about the support they provide.

They provide a range of welfare grants to help in times of financial need. These include grants for emergencies, transplant assessments, health and wellbeing, holidays and breaks, home care, education and prescription pre-payment certificates.

Daisy Garland

Charity supporting those with drug resistant epilepsy

The Daisy Garland is a charity working exclusively for children and families whose lives have been touched by drug-resistant epilepsy.

The help they offer is life-changing and wide ranging:

They fund ketogenic dietitians and dietetic support workers.

They give grants for life-saving monitors.

Daisy's Keto Café is an on-line round-the-clock parent support group

They offer vital one-to-one family support

and they award small, one-off grants for special needs equipment


Disability equipment advice, supply and adaptation

As well as advising people with disabilities on the best equipment to suit their needs, Demand also design and manufacture from scratch & modify and enhance people's existing equipment to help it work better for them.

They help people of any age, and with any kind of disability regardless of their financial circumstance.


Discounted plumbing and heating services for those with disabilities

Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair (DEPHER) provides vulnerable people with access to affordable and vital emergency works. It relies on public donations to cover all labour and materials, provides free services during winter months and discounted during summer.

When funding is available they are able to offer partial or fully discounted costs on emergency works which include the following: Gas leaks, No heating, No hot water


Specialist powered wheelchair loan scheme

Designability's main product is the Wizzybug powered indoor / outdoor wheelchair, which is designed for preschool children aged from 14 months. These are available to purchase, but they also operate a free loan scheme for families in the UK. In addition to this their website also features some other products designed to make disabled people's lives easier.

Dickie Bird Foundation

Sporting grants for disadvantaged children

The vision of the Foundation is to assist young people under 16 years of age to participate, to the best of their ability, in the sport of their choice irrespective of their social circumstances, culture or ethnicity and to ensure that, in doing so, they improve their chances both inside and outside sport.

Grants of upto £500 can be awarded to disadvantaged children aged under 16 for essential sports equipment and clothing.

Disabled Facilities Grant

Grant to make adapations to your home to cater for disabilities

If you or your child are disabled and need to make changes to your home you can apply to your council for a disabled facilities grant of upto £30,000. These could be for things such as widening doors or installing ramps, stairlifts, downstairs bathrooms or adapting heating and lighting controls to make them easier to use etc.

If you receive a disabled facilities grant it won't affect any benefits you're on.

Disability Grants Website

Grants listing website

Disability Grants is a website that lists a massive number of grants that are available throughout the UK. It also has various other information and resources about various disabilities and a map of holiday caravans that are owned by charities around the UK.

Dravet Syndrome UK

Support Charity for those affected by Dravet Syndrome

Dravet Syndrome UK is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Dravet Syndrome (a severe form of Epilepsy) through support, education and medical research.

They can provide grants for seizure monitors and fund an annual weekend away for families at Centre Parcs.

Dream Makers

Charity offers holidays for disabled and terminally ill and can provide equipment

Dream Makers is a charity that offers holidays to the disabled, terminally ill, underprivileged and those with special needs.

They have also granted requests for TVs for the visually impaired and tablets to help with special needs learning, wheelchairs and specially adapted bikes etc


Grants for specialist equipment for for disabled young people

ELIFAR is a small charity which aims to help improve the care, facilities and equipment available to profoundly disabled children and young adults both at home or in residential care. They provide grants to fund the purchase of a wide range of highly specialised equipment, which would otherwise be unavailable because of a lack of funds or because there is no statutory provision, for children and young people up to the age of 28.

Everyone Can

Charity that helps those with disabilities with assistive technology

Formerly known as The Aidis Trust, Everyone Can is a charity which has been doing everything it can so that people living with disabilities are able to control their home environment, communicate, and in short, live their lives with as much ease and independence as possible.

They have been able to transform the lives of hundreds of disabled people by matching them with the best-suited and most innovative assistive technology.

They will conduct an assessment, initially over the phone, but then in person if required, to see what assistive technology would be best suited to help improve your life.

After the assessment they will write up a report which documents the specific equipment or software settings that will really make a positive difference to the disabled person’s life. Unfortunately they aren’t able to fund the technology that they suggest but they will do everything they can to help you find funders or suggest funding options.

They also host regular gaming sessions at their headquarters in Manchester and hold free Assistive Technology training workshops.

Family Action

Support for the disadvantaged

Family Action transforms lives by providing practical, emotional and financial support to those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation across the country. Their website features a search function to help you find local support services that they offer.

As well as the support services they provide, they also offer a small grants service for Welfare or Educational purposes.

Find A Voice

Specialist communication equipment for those with severe communication difficulties

Based in Ashford, Kent, Find A Voice is a charity that supports children and adults who have a severe speech, language or communication difficulty, and who may require some form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) support. This can include signing, symbols or a communication aid. Support is provided in person, by telephone and via their website.

They are able to provide specialist equipment on a no-cost trial basis to build basic communication skills, establish suitability of use and evidence of need

Florence Nightingale Aid In Sickness Trust

Life enhancing grants for the ill, convalescent and disabled

The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust provides life enhancing grants to help people of all ages in need who are ill, convalescent or disabled.

These grants are used to provide medical and household aids to alleviate sickness and make a huge difference to people’s ability to manage at home and live as independently as possible.

They do not fund holidays but will provide grants towards organised specialist breaks for children and young adults are considered to give the carer at home a well earned rest.

Fulfil The Wish

Activities and holidays for young people with lifelong / life limiting conditions

Fulfil the Wish is a registered charity which was founded in 2000 to provide activity and sightseeing holidays for children and young people who have lifelong and life-limiting disabilities.

Glasspool Charity Trust

Small grants for everyday items

Is a UK wide charity that provides timely, small, one-off grants to individuals, couples and families for everyday items to help them cope when things get tough, equip them to manage better day-to-day and enable them to build a stronger future. Please note they only accept applications from support agencies on behalf of the people they support, not from individuals themselves.

Guide Dogs

Charity that supports blind and partially sighted people, providing guide dogs, support and grants

Founded in 1934, Blind Dogs is a charity that helps blind and partially-sighted people through the provision of guide dogs. They also provide support and advice and can give grants for assistive technology and sensory equipment.

Hannah's Holiday Home

Free UK holidays for children with cancer or life limiting conditions

Hannah’s Holiday Home offers free holidays to children with cancer and life limiting illnesses at one of their three UK holiday homes.

Happy Days Children's Charity

Days out and holidays for children with special needs

Helps families and groups by organising and funding special days and holidays such as trips to the seaside, theatres, zoos, museums, outdoor activity centres, sporting events and other educational and cultural activities for children in the UK living with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.


Support charity for young carers aged 5-12

Honeypot is charity that provides support for young carers in the 5-12 age range. Their early-intervention, Wrap-Round service is designed to provide relief, protect mental health, and develop social confidence, and delivered in safe, nurturing environment. Each year, they aim to offer places to over 2,500 young carers and vulnerable children across the UK through residential breaks, and a range of digital and face-to-face support services.

As part of their Wrap-Rround service, they also provide small grants to young carers from deprived backgrounds for life’s essential items, such as a new washing machine or school materials.

Hospital Saturday Fund

Can provide help with the purchase of specialist equipment or treatment

The Hospital Saturday Fund is a registered charity whose aims are to provide assistance for registered health charities, hospices, medical organisations and individuals with a medical condition or disability.

For individuals they can provide help with the purchase of specialised equipment or forms of treatment.

Independence At Home

Grants to help improve independence for those with physical or learning disabilities

Independence At Home is a charity founded in 1965, it provides grants to people of all ages who have a physical or learning disability or long term illness and who are in financial need. They may be able to help you if you, or a member of your family, have a long term illness or disability and need financial help towards the cost to improve your independence, comfort, safety and quality of life at home.

Individual Technology Solutions For Visually Impaired People

Modern communication equipment for the visually impaired

Aim to combat loneliness, isolation and enable Blind and Visually Impaired people on low incomes to live full independent lives using modern communication equipment which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

They provide grants in the form of devices (specially adapted smartphones and tablets) and services (landlines and broadband) for communication equipment for Blind and Vision impaired people who meet their eligibility criteria.

Janki Saye Foundation

Grants for assistive technology (Communication & reading devices)

The Janki Saye Foundation provides grants to fund assistive technology.

Communication devices make a life changing difference to people who have complex disabilities which impact speech and movement.

Reading devices enhance independence and enrich the lives of people with visual impairments and special needs.

Kids Cancer Charity

Support and Orlando holidays for kids and their families dealing with cancer

Kids Cancer Charity offers support and advice to families of children dealing with cancer. They also offer compassionate care breaks at one of their three UK holiday homes, 3 or 4 day breaks at Disneyland Paris and assistance with organising visits to Orlando, USA, including potentially free stays in their luxury Orlando Villa.

Kids Out

Days out and portable sensory rooms

Kids Out primarily runs the Fun Days scheme, which takes disadvantaged children across the UK on a fun day out and helps them remember what it is like to just be children. Whether a trip to the theatre or a day at a theme park, Fun Days gives them something to look forward to and happy memories they can look back on.

They also offer:

Toy Box delivers a box of brand new toys and games to children who have been rehoused due to domestic violence.

Phyzzpod uses multi-sensory environments to help young children learn and explore creatively. Particularly benefitting children with learning and physical disabilities, each Phyzzpod is a semi-portable sensory learning room that includes coloured lighting, bubble tubes, effects projectors, sound and video projection. By controlling these elements, children engage multiple senses and have more fun learning.

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund

Charity supports children and their families who are living with cancer

Lennox Children's Cancer fund supports children who are living with cancer and their families. They offer emotional support, practical support and advice on things like financial entitlements and treatment procedures, respite breaks in one of their two holiday homes in the New Forest and financial support through a grant scheme (at the time of writing their grant scheme is currently on hold).


Charity provides specialist equipment for children with disabilities and special needs

Founded in 1961, is a charity with one purpose, to provide equipment to help improve the quality of life for children with disabilities and special needs irrespective of race or creed. For the individual child they provide the full spectrum of specialised equipment such as electric wheelchairs, mobility aids and items including specialised computers and sensory toys. They also help Schools, children's hospices, respite care homes and support centres throughout the UK with a variety of items including playground equipment, soft play and multi-sensory rooms and special beds.

Linking Help With Hope

Grants for those on very low income who have / care for someone with a physical or learning disability

Linking Help With Hope helps those who are living on a very low income, receiving the appropriate welfare benefits and who have exhausted all other funding sources including statutory funding, occupational, local and specialist charities. They help those with physical and diagnosed mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and people caring for an adult or child with a disability.

LHH provides grants of up to £250. These are generally awarded for or towards essential household items and specialist equipment not available from statutory agencies.

LHH also provide ongoing financial assistance. LHH currently supports around 70 ill and less able people with regular financial help.

Depending on available funds, LHH can also make one-off payments for carer’s breaks.

Me And Dee

Sherwood Forest loadge holidays for families of children with life limiting conditions

Me & Dee provide memory holidays to families of children with life limiting conditions at their lodge in Sherwood Forest.

Merlin's Magic Wand

One off free entry to a Merlin Attraction

Merlin's Magic Wand is a charity run by Merlin Entertainments, who operate some of the biggest attractions in the UK (Sea Life Centres, Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland etc). As a family of a SEND child you may be able to apply for free entry for your family to one of their attractions.

Merlin also offer a “Ride Access Pass” which is a virtual queuing system, so that those who would struggle with queues can turn up to a ride at an assigned time and get straight on.

Meru Disability Equipment

Mobility and other assistive equipment for children

Meru is a charity that designs and builds assistive equipment for people with disabilities (primarily focussed on children). As well as mobility equipment they also do adapted toys, musical equipment, Ipad accessories etc They sell these to fund their main product which is the Bugzi, a powered indoor chair for 1 to 5 year olds. These are available to loan to families for free (as well as for sale).

Mobility Trust

Powered wheelchairs and scooters

The Mobility Trust provides powered wheelchairs and scooters for UK residents who have severe disabilities and who cannot obtain such equipment through other means. They aim to reach and help people who, quite simply, have nowhere else to turn. They are the only UK charity that provides such broad support, regardless of age or cause of disabilities.

Motability Scheme

Car leasing scheme for those in receipt of Higher Rate DLA Mobility Element and grants

If you are awarded the High Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance, you have the option of using some or all of it to lease a car through the Motability scheme. The price of a lease is all inclusive (insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, tyre replacement and windscreen repairs). If the car you require to meet your needs requires a deposit, they may be able to provide you with a grant to cover this cost depending on your circumstances.

For more details see:

They also offer some charitable grants for Cars and Adaptions, Wheelchair Accessibility, Complex Solutions, Driving Lessons, Additional Support, Access to Work, Stopped Allowances and Special Grants.

For details see:

MS Research & Relief Fund

Offers grants to those affected by MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

MS Research and Relief Fund offers grants to people affected by MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for aids, adaptations and services.

MS Society

Charity offering support for those with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

The MS Society provides a wide range of support and advice for people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). On their website you can search for locally based support and grants.

The MS Society used to provide grants, however these are currently suspended due a lack of income as a result of the COVIS-19 pandemic.

National Benevolent Charity

Charity that provides financial support for those experiencing poverty at a time of crisis

The National Benevolent Charity provides financial support to people experiencing poverty at a time of crisis.

Their average grant is £360 and they will consider applications from those who have a physical or mental health condition or disability or who have young children or are caring for a relative (amongst other criteria).

National Deaf Children's Society

Charity that provides financial support for those experiencing poverty at a time of crisis

The National Deaf Children's Society offer a wide range of information and support on their website, a telephone helpline and they organise events for parents, carers, families and young people. They also offer a "Technology Test Drive" which is an opportunity to borrow a wide range of equipment for up to 30 days to see what works for you (there is information about assistive technology on their website).

Inclusion Grants are small grants (up to £150) to help deaf children and young people get involved in events and activities, groups and clubs. Examples include after-school clubs, BSL courses and swimming lessons. They can also be put towards things a young person needs to take part, such as football kit. On some occasions they may be able to reimburse travel costs.

Newlife Charity

UK's largest charitable provider of specialist equipment to disabled children

Primarily offer non-means tested equipment grants or loans. They are the UK's largest charitable provider of specialist equipment to disabled children. They have a national helpline that provides information and support to families and professionals who are caring for terminally ill or disabled children. As well as offering access to larger equipment, they can also provide free 12 week loans of play therapy pods. Each pod contains a range of toys specifically tailored a certain age group and certain needs.

Newman Holiday Trust

Provide UK holidays for children with disabilities who would otherwise not receive a holiday

Provides holidays at various locations across the UK for children with disabilities and special needs aged 4-16, who due to the high level of skilled care they require or their financial circumstances, the children selected for these breaks would not otherwise receive a holiday.

Nihal Armstrong Trust

Charity that can provide essential equipment or services for children with Cerebral Palsy

Is a small charity that provides essential pieces of equipment, communication aids or specific services that their local authority does not provide to children with cerebral palsy.

Ogilvie Charities

Grants to support respite holidays for carers

The Ogilvie Charities make grants to support respite holidays for carers. The primary aim is to give a complete break to a carer while the person cared for is receiving respite care. In exceptional circumstances we may assist where the carer and cared for wish to holiday together, provided they are husband and wife or partners, or an adult child caring for an aged parent or vice versa. If funds allow, consideration may be given to funding family holidays in the UK where one or more family member suffers a severe disability.

Typical grants range from £200 to £300.

Oliver Curd Trust

Holiday accommodation for families affected by childhood cancer and other life threatening conditions

Offer holiday accommodation to families affected by childhood cancer and other life threatening and life-limiting conditions, including those experiencing bereavement. They own two mobile homes on holiday parks in East Sussex.

Percy Bilton Charity

Grants for basic household items for hose in financial need who have a disability

The Percy Bilton Charity provides grants to individuals in financial need who have a disability or severe mental health problem for basic household items including white goods, single beds, flooring and clothing vouchers.

Please note they don't accept applications directly from individuals, but Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Occupational Therapists within Local Authorities or NHS Trusts can make applications on behalf of their patients.

Promise Dreams

Wish granting charity for seriously or terminally ill children

Promise Dreams is a national charity which aims to make a real difference to children who are seriously or terminally ill. It also makes a difference for their families who are usually massively impacted. Each child and family has a dream and they aim to make it come true.

It could be a holiday to create special/last memories with siblings and family.

Perhaps meeting their celebrity hero or visiting a place which is special to them.

Often it's adapted or essential equipment to improve their quality of life.

In fact, anything that will make life happier and easier for the family in need.

REACT Charity

Support children with potentially terminal illness living in financially disadvantaged households

React – Rapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal illness is a dynamic charity working to improve the quality of life for children with life-limiting illnesses living in financially disadvantaged households throughout the UK.


Sporting and recreatrional grants for young people with disabilities

READY is a charity that provides grants to individual young people and groups of young people with disabilities up to the age of 21. Consideration is given to applications to fund or part fund sports equipment or access to sport and healthy recreational activities for fun and fitness.


Custom made equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives

Remap design and custom-make equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives. This includes mobility, help in the home, managing personal care, enjoying sports and hobbies and much more. All their work is carried out and checked by expert engineers, carpenters, technicians and occupational therapists. They provide this help free of charge.

Royal National Children's Springboard Foundation

Bursaries to attend leading independent schools

The Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation (RNCSF) works to bring the transformational opportunities offered by the UK's leading schools to the young people who will benefit from them the most. They allow children who would otherwise be unable, to attend leading independent schools by funding bursaries.

Royal National Institute Of Blind People

Support for blind and partially sighted people

RNIB offer help and support for blind and partially sighted people – this can be anything from practical and emotional support, campaigning for change, reading services and the products they offer in their online shop.

They also offer grants to registered blind or partially sighted people for useful technology that can help them live independently.

Sandcastle Trust

Supporting families who have a child with a rare genetic condition

The Sandcastle Trust walks alongside families living with a rare genetic condition to help build lasting positive family memories, strengthen family relationships, improve emotional wellbeing and resilience.

They provide advice and support to families, can fund days out or holidays and can provide a leisure activity or memorable experience within the family home to improve quality of life.

Sequal Trust

Assistive communication technology for those with communication difficulties

The Sequal Trust is a national fundraising Charity founded in 1969 which is committed to bridging the communication gap for disabled people. By providing suitable assistive technology to people who need it most, we aim to increase the quality of life for those who are non-verbal, have incoherent speech, or who have learning and communication difficulties.

Their website has a wide range of information on communication aids and they are able to fund equipment for some through charitable grants.

Ski 4 Cancer

Days out and short breaks for families affected by cancer

Ski 4 Cancer is a UK charity that raises funds to provide days out and short breaks for families affected by cancer. This is what we call "respite".

Many of our respite trips and short breaks have an alpine focus. From family days out at UK snow domes to longer holidays in the mountains (summer and winter), we give families something to look forward to during the most difficult of times.


Events and breaks for seriously ill children

Starlight is a charity that creates moments of escape from the difficult reality which seriously ill children find themselves.

They hold Starlight Escapes, Days and Breaks throughout the year so children and their families can leave the stresses of hospitals and hospices far behind.

For Children who are in hospital they offer a number of different boxes which contain a variety of distractions such as toys, games, sensory toys, books. They can also provide games consoles and every winter their Panto team travels to hospitals around the country to entertain children and their families.

Steve Morgan Foundation

Fund specialist equipment for those who need it and are in financial hardship

The Steve Morgan Foundation is a charity that provides support for people of all ages in financial hardship, who are in need of specialised equipment. They fund specialist equipment:

-Mobility aids, wheelchairs, buggies, hoists, trikes, etc.

-Specialised beds and sleep systems, postural chairs, seating and car seats

-Sensory equipment

-Communication aids, specialised software, specialised alarms

-Medical equipment, support wear

Strong Bones Children's Charitable Trust

Support, advice and grants for specialist equipment foryoung people affected by bone conditions

Helping families and disabled children with complex needs alongside scoliosis, spina bifida, brittle bone disease or any other bone condition. They provide advice and support. They can also provide grants for young people under the age of 21 for upto 70% of the cost for disability/sensory equipment, manual wheelchairs, supportive seating, acheeva learning stations, portable hoists, educational resource packs, skoog musical interface and communication aid, adapted trikes and hand cycles and smart home technology

Sullivan's Heroes

Charity that helps with home adaptions for disabled children

Sullivan’s Heroes is a charity that provides help with home adaptations for disabled children. It does this by assisting with Fundraising and supplying financial grants towards the costs.

Sunny Days Children's Fund

Charity that helps children with a variety of medical conditions through small grants and UK holidays

Sunny Days Children's Fund is a national registered charity which raises funds to help children under the age of 18 years with a wide range of adverse medical conditions including Leukaemia, Cerebral Palsy, the Deaf and Blind, Terminal Illnesses, and all other life hindering conditions.

They make small grants to enable to help children and their families, whether it be for day trips, medical equipment, respite, hospital travel, or sadly making children's remaining time as comfortable as possible, to include where achievable, children's last wishes.

They also have two holiday homes in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex and offer free week long holidays to those that meet their criteria.

Talisman Charitable Trust

Grants for deserving individuals who are struggling financially

Assist individuals in the UK of small means who the trustees consider to be deserving and may be described as “going short”. From time to time, we also assist other charities with similar objectives to our own.

In general, the relief of poverty includes grants for education, health, housing, disablement or disability.

Please note they do not accept applications for grants directly from individuals, they must be made through an organisation such as a Citizens Advice Bureau or another charity that is aware of their circumstances.

Tourettes Action

Support and advice for those affected by Tourettes Syndrome, are also able to offer some grants

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited, neurological condition, the key features of which are tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements. Tourettes Action offers news, information, advice and support.

They are able to award grants of up to £500 for equipment that supports people with TS in their day-to-day life. Some examples of what we have funded in the past include:

Instruments for people whose tics reduce when playing music,

Beds for people whose tics are so violent that normal beds break.

(Please note that we do not provide grants for activities, holidays or to fund treatments).


Help those in financial need access benefits and grants

Turn2us is a national charity providing practical help to people who are struggling financially.

They help people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through their partner organisations.

On their website they have a Grants search section that allows you to search for grants that may be available to you from both local and national organisations:

U Support

Help children with life limiting conditions, disability and disadvantages attend a variety of events

U Support is a charity that allows children/young people with life limiting conditions, disability and disadvantages to attend a variety of events such as football and rugby matches, theatre, pop concerts and other cultural events.

Variety Children's Charity

Offer equipment grants, days out and run specialist hospitals

Variety provide practical help that makes an immediate difference to disabled and disadvantaged children and young people under the age of 19, allowing them to live their best lives. They offer equipment grants (including hoists, beds, car seats, sensory and play equipment, assistive and medical technologies) and wheelchairs for children. They also offer Sunshine Coaches to support transport needs of SEND Schools and other non-profit organisations and through Variety Great Days Out they provide day trips for children and young people. In addition to all of this they also run several specialist hospitals.


Support young blind and partially sighted people, organise events and provide grants

VICTA is a charity that supports children and young people who are blind or partially sighted. They organise activities designed to instil confidence, promote independence and build social networks to share information and reduce isolation.

They also operate a grant scheme to help with the purchase of equipment to aid people's visual impairment (although at the time of writing the grant scheme is currently suspended).

Victoria Convalescent Trust

Provide grants for breaks for those in need of convalescence or respite and also specialist equipment

The Victoria Convalescent Trust's main purpose is to make grants to fund or part-fund short breaks for those of any age, living in England and Wales who are in need of convalescence, recuperative care or respite care.

They also have a much smaller fund for the purpose of making grants for essential equipment such as white goods, essential household items, contributions towards mobility aids and other specialist equipment.

Well Child

Help to make it possible to care for children with complex health needs to be cared for at home

Through a nationwide network of WellChild Nurses, home and garden transformation projects and family information, training and support programmes, WellChild makes it possible for children and young people with complex health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible.

Wheel Rights Fund

Grants to help those who have an acquired spinal cord injury stay active and take part in sports

The fund is available to anyone who has acquired a spinal cord injury within the past five years. You can apply for any equipment or activities to help you stay active, get active, or help you achieve your sporting potential. Most grants will be made in the range of £100 to £1000.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Wish granting charity for children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses

When You Wish Upon A Star is a charity that grants wishes (which can take the form of days out, holidays, games consoles / computers etc) to some very brave and courageous children who live with a life threatening or terminal illness who have not previously had a Wish granted by another charity.


Provide mobility equipment that isn't available of the NHS for young people

Whizz-Kidz provides mobility equipment for children under the age of 18 where the mobility equipment that your child needs is not available/provided by the NHS. Equipment includes manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, trikes and buggies.

They also offer activity programmes, work placements and wheelchair skills training to help you learn new skills and get the most from your wheelchair.

Willow Foundation